Thomas Müller is one of the greatest German players to ever play. His skilled leadership for both his national team and Bayern Munich has created an amazing career resume.

Müller has proved to be one of the most underrated players in recent history. His resume includes: winning the World Cup, two Champions Leagues, and 11 Bundesliga titles. Thomas Müller started his career through Bayerns academy and rose his way up to become the face of the team for over a decade.

Rise To Stardom

Thomas Müller rose to global fame after his amazing 2010 World Cup campaign. He tied for most goals in the tournament with 5. He has a total count of 10 World Cup goals and can be considered one of the best players of this generation to play in international games.

Müller is one of the most skilled attacking players in the world. His ability to assist and score proves to be lethal. Under his years with Pep Guardiola, Thomas Müller’s game rose to an even higher level. He became a much better passer and his leadership role grew during this time.

Being teammates with some of the best players then, Arjen Robben and Frank Ribery, and Robert Lewandowski, was a big part of how he became a great player. With some of the most versatile teammates, Thomas Müller turned into an attacking machine.

Current Form

He is currently third all-time for goals scored in Bayern Munich history, and recently became the 8th player to score 50+ goals in the Champions League. Müller holds the German League record for most assists.

Without his presence Bayern would not have tasted the amount of success they would have. Müller has been an instrumental part in Bayern’s transition through generations.

This current new generation is learning the necessary skills and leadership from the German Attacker. Many of Bayern’s new emerging stars are proving to be of world-class talent.

The future of Bayern should be in great hands going forward. Müller presently proves to be a key piece of the current success.

Recently, Bayern beat Paris Saint-Germain to go through to the Champions League Quarter Finals. Bayern is also on pace to win the Bundesliga League title in what is a fierce race at the moment.

A Fantastic Career

Müller’s overall success can be credited to the amazing national team and Club managers, who are amongst the greatest to ever coach. But also, it’s the skilled teammates that he’s always been around.

Learning to mature from a young age and play with some of the best players of the early 2010’s era helped him peak early into his career. What he’s been able to accomplish in the game will go down in history and also categorize him as one of the most underrated players to play the game.

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