The Premier League season has ended and all the results have been tallied and awards were given. Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea have secured their places in the Champions League next season. Leicester City and West Ham have found themselves qualifying for the Europa League. And at 7th place, once again failing to win the Premier League, is Tottenham Hotspur.

And while they have qualified for Europe with the newly formed Europa Conference League starting up next season, it can’t be seen as anything other than a disappointment for Spurs. And perhaps most disappointed of all is Harry Kane, the Tottenham striker who led the Premier League this season in both goals and assists, and is surely in the running for Premier League Player of the Year. The seventh-place finish is the worst Tottenham has done while Kane has been a starter, and has certainly played a role in Kane requesting to be transferred for the second time in the past two summers. What happens will depend on Tottenham management’s willingness to listen to offers, as well as what offers come their way in terms of money, and possibly player swaps.

Contract With Tottenham

A large issue in Kane getting his way out of Tottenham is the fact that he is still under contract. Tottenham still holds his rights and could force him to play under his contract despite his desire to move elsewhere. Though likely to draw the ire of the striker, it exists as an option for club chairman Daniel Levy. Of course, that would run the risk of losing Kane for nothing when his contract expires in three years, which would be a huge loss considering Kane is only 27 right now. And Kane’s increasingly public display and comments of wanting to go elsewhere have surely put pressure on the Tottenham brass to find a way to soothe the situation, which seems in this case to be nothing short of a transfer to a club of his desire. 

Transfers in Premier League

Unlike American sports, there is no such thing as trades as we know them. Instead, soccer leagues utilize transfers. Clubs will negotiate with one another on the transfer of a player, with the owning club setting a certain fee that’ll be paid to them, known as a transfer fee. What this does is essentially opens up discussions between the player and the new club, as the old contract is essentially terminated. If the player and new club agree on a new contract, the transfer goes through and the player is now on the new team. If they fail to come to an agreement, the transfer fails to go through and the player returns to his old club on his old contract. 

The particular point of this explanation that relates to Kane is the transfer fee that Tottenham would possibly set to transfer him. While Kane and another club may easily come to a contract agreement, the biggest hurdle is likely what will be an extravagant transfer fee that will have to be paid in order to start discussions. Considering Kane is one of the best strikers in the entire world, and his status as one of the premier English players likely would result in driving up merchandise sales and tickets bought, Tottenham will want to recoup those kinds of losses in any sort of deal.

The most expensive transfer fee a Premier League side has paid for a player was Manchester United’s deal for Paul Pogba in 2016 for 89 million pounds, and if the Mirror’s report on the deal is to be believed, the asking price for Kane is more than double that at 200 million pounds. Not only would that make it the most expensive transfer fee for a player entering the Premier League, but it would also be the most expensive transfer fee ever in the history of football, as it would beat out Neymar’s record transfer of 222 million Euros(198 million Pounds) to PSG in 2017. It would be a world-record transfer for one of the world’s best.

Harry Kane Transfer Rumors

Taking the financial constraints such a massive deal raises for teams, there is really a limited number of clubs that could afford anywhere near the asking price set by Tottenham management. It’s been rumored that Kane wishes to stay in the Premier League, and the clubs that have emerged as contenders have been Manchester City, Chelsea, and Manchester United, though French club PSG has also been rumored to be interested, and certainly has the resources to do so. With the English teams, Manchester City is likely the most plausible destination for Kane. Kane recently gave a great deal of praise to Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne in an interview with Gary Neville, stating

 “When I watch De Bruyne play, he’s a special, special player and some of the balls I see him put in for City are just a striker’s dream if I’m honest. He’s outstanding, an outstanding player with the ball, off the ball, pressing. But his delivery is as good as I’ve ever seen.”– Harry Kane on Manchester City midfielder Kevin De Bruyne

It should also be noted that Manchester City is now in need of a striker, as longtime attacker Sergio Agüero will be departing the club after ten seasons. With the praise of De Bruyne, the new need for a striker, the resources that Manchester City has, and the fact that City just won the Premier League, it seems as though Manchester is the ideal landing spot for Kane.

Chelsea and Manchester United, while both additional options have some factors that lead them to be less likely contenders for Kane. With Chelsea, perhaps one of the biggest factors is their rivalry with Tottenham. While Tottenham’s main rival is considered to be Arsenal, Chelsea has emerged in recent years as another contender for that top rival spot, with the history of these two clubs going back decades.

One could only imagine the outrage if Tottenham allowed Kane, who grew up a Spurs fan as a child and went through their youth system, to leave for another London rival. While it would make for an interesting drama, it seems doubtful that Daniel Levy would want that kind of reaction. Furthermore, Chelsea doesn’t exactly have the capital necessary for a cash-only transfer. While they would be able to do it with cash and a player swap, Tottenham would likely want to avoid taking on another player and look towards maximizing the cash value of a transfer.

With Manchester United, they seem committed to sticking with their top striker Edinson Cavani, who recently signed a one-year contract extension. Opting to go with Kane would likely necessitate transferring Cavani, which makes the extension offer ultimately pointless(unless they wished to offer Cavani in a player swap for Kane, which doesn’t seem like an appealing offer for Tottenham). 

The Kane transfer rumors and stories will likely dominate the headlines for the next few weeks in football media, and while Kane wishes for the process to finish up by the start of the UEFA European Championship on June 11th, it seems as though the negotiations may last a bit longer, especially considering a player of Kane’s caliber. When the news breaks, it’ll likely be one of the biggest headlines this summer for the Premier League, and when all is said and done, one of the best in the world will likely have a new home.

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