At the beginning of this year, we saw what turned out to be an unsuccessful attempt of the wealthiest soccer teams to form their own, private league. Fortunately, as said, that plan didn’t come through, and the fans all around the world were more than happy because of it.

After Chelsea backed out, one by one, other teams decided to quit the project, leaving Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Juventus alone. By the way, these three teams are still trying to push this agenda. It is easy to understand one – they don’t have as much money as other clubs, who weren’t hit as hard by COVID-19 chaos as these powerhouses.

We are more than sure that the Super League would be a spectacular competition, with all the latest standards in each aspect of the organization, etc. Especially because of the enormous sums of cash coming from the US banks and other entities from overseas.


Apart from tearing into pieces the entire pyramid of European and probably the world soccer, plus privatizing arguably the most popular global entertainment, this would be a massive hit for this sports on different levels.

Check this example. Real Madrid’s president, Florentino Peres, started all this and was the leader of the project. His arguments were that the best have to play with the best because they generate the most money. Ok, sounds logical.

Fast forward a few months to see what happened to Real Madrid. They lost at home to the team that appeared in the UEFA Champions League for the first time – Sheriff Tiraspol. The Moldovan champs were the first team from this country to ever reach the UCL group stage. Before the competition started, their odds of winning the title were the highest ever, with some bookmakers offering +25000 for that pick.

Sheriff shocked Real at Santiago Bernabeu, winning 1-2, and creating one of the biggest upsets in the history of European soccer. All the media in the world wrote about their fantastic achievement, and suddenly, this team became one of the world’s hottest topics.

Come on, let’s be honest, how many of you have heard about Sheriff before their victory in Madrid? Less than five percent.

Seeing these underdogs defeating the biggest team in the history of soccer on the road is something that couldn’t happen in the Super League. One entire nation wouldn’t be in the position to celebrate if Super League was formed during the summer.

All this because of just one win.

Now, you can call us old-fashioned or irrational, but sometimes, money really isn’t essential. It’s the thrill and the emotion.

And to be straight up with you, we aren’t sorry for Real and its plans to increase the income from $500 million to $700 million. At some point, their director would decide that those $700 million isn’t enough, because, let’s face it, all the big clubs are greedy.

But on the other side, we have Sheriff, whose most expensive player is worth one million bucks. And who beat the King.

That is the beauty of soccer.


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