Your Best Bets for December 17-31, 2018

Best Bets This Week in Sports

We, at KnupSports, are bringing all of the sporting events for this week to you. This will give you an idea of the sports that are going on and hopefully will give you some idea if you would like to bet on it. Check out our entire Sports Betting Calendar which includes all of 2018 and many months of 2019 as we continue to update it every week. 


We are putting the final two weeks of 2018 together as there will not be a new Best Bets next week as it gives us some time off for the Christmas Holidays.


  NBA Basketball– The primary events for the NBA is that there will be five games on Christmas Day as all other sports take the day off.

Milwaukee Bucks vs New York Knicks 12 ET

                    Oklahoma City Thunder vs Houston Rockets 3 p.m. ET

                   Philadelphia 76’ers vs Boston Celtics  5:30 p.m. ET

                  Los Angeles Lakers vs Golden State Warriors 8 p.m. ET

                 Portland Trailblazers vs Utah Jazz  10:30 p.m. ET


  College Football– The bowl gamed continue with some of the better games being played between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Remember to follow us to the Championship Game with our Bowl Odds and Predictions. Check out our Heisman Update, and updated National Championship odds that have been updated on our main page.


NFL Football– There are two more weeks to play in the regular season and a few teams have made it it the playoffs already. It should be a fun two weeks.


  College Basketball – The regular season continues and some teams will look at padding their resume while a few lost to buy teams this week. We will have some odds and stuff to follow once the season gets underway! There is plenty of games that involve the Top 25 and others. How long can the Kansas Jayhawks stay on top?


  NHL Hockey– We have the odds for the 2019 NHL Stanley Cup on our site here. The season has been rather ordinary so far.


  PGA– The PGATour is done for the season as we return the first part of January with the Sentry Tournament of Champions.


   UFC– One match of interest can be found on the 29th with Jones vs Gustaffsson.


  Soccer– The new schedule for 2019 will be released in late December of early January.


  Tennis– The Major Tournaments are all done for 2018 with the next one taking place during the third week of January 2019 with the Australian Open. Follow KnupSports this week as we bring updated information on this event here.


  Horse Racing– There are no races in the Road to the Kentucky Derby during these two weeks but on January 1st the Jerome Stakes will be run.


Boxing– There is not a major fight until January with Pacquiao vs Broner.


NASCAR– The season over. Look for our next preview in the middle of February 2019.


  Book Reviews– Check out all of our Book Reviews here.



  Good luck this week!