If you’ve been around sports gambling long enough, you most likely have heard or been exposed to BetMGM, a sports betting and digital gaming company. You don’t have to know much about hockey to know Wayne Gretzky is widely regarded as the greatest to ever put on a pair of skates. An addition of someone like Gretzky to your business team can help make all the difference in the world.

June 2 marked the date of the breaking news. Former four-time Stanley Cup champion signed a multi-year deal as a brand ambassador for BetMGM.

Gretzky is eager to be a part of the growth and expansion process for the sports betting company. “BetMGM is a terrific company and one at the forefront of the dynamic changes taking place in the sports business. I’m excited to be a part of the company’s continued expansion into new states and territories and to help tell BetMGM’s story,” said hockey legend Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky rookie card sells for more than $3.7 million

Former four-time Stanley Cup champion Wayne Gretzky signed a multi-year deal as a brand ambassador for BetMGM. An addition of someone like Wayne Gretzky to your business team can help make all the difference in the world.

Wayne Gretzky Accomplishments

No one else in the sport is or will ever be referred to as “The Great One.” Gretzky possesses the historic lead in both goals and assists, collecting a total of 2,857 points in his 21 seasons spent in the league in which he played in Edmonton, Los Angeles, St. Louis, and New York. Lastly, he won nine Hart Trophies making him the most valuable player in those seasons.

No one in the history of the game is on the same level as Gretzky. He had the unique ability to have a different vision than everybody else. He saw the man sliding back door or the open man in the defensive zone. He saw things other players would never recognize in their time on the ice.

Expectations of Gretzky

The company’s Chief Revenue Officer, Matt Prevost said:

“Wayne is an exceptional talent who transcends the sports world, and we’re proud to welcome him to the BetMGM team. As we look toward potential expansion into Canada and elsewhere throughout the United States, Wayne will bring a unique ability to tell our brand story.”

There are two parts of life for a hockey player. The life you live playing in the NHL and the life you live after playing hockey for so many years.

If you played hockey for so long and are as good as Gretzky is, then it’s likely you didn’t have many other interests other than going to the rink every day. After their brutal, tiresome careers, these players still need to tend to their families and be able to provide for them.

A lot of former players will become coaches, managers, or any position that will keep them around the sport. For Gretzky, it’s BetMGM. That will be a part of the second part of his life, the one that comes after hockey.


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