Three states were big winners in the November 3rd election. All three states that had sports betting on the ballot were able to get the votes that now makes sports betting legal.

However, Ohio suffered a blow with three losses, which could have a devastating impact on the move to make sports betting legal. Since the Supreme Court overturned a ban on sports betting in 2018, three supporters of sports betting in Ohio have been trying to get sports betting initiatives on the ballot.

Representative Dave Greenspan, Senator Sean O’Brien, and Senator John Eklund all lost their bids for another term in Tuesday’s election. They will not have the opportunity to come back to the state’s legislative branches to continue their work to get sports betting legal in Ohio.

Due to this turn of events, other Ohio advocates will deal with arguing the case for sports betting at the lame-duck session later this month.

Supporters of sports betting said on Thursday that they might be facing an uphill battle due to the Ohio Senate President Larry Obhof, who is opposed to legalizing sports betting in the state.

Senator Obhof Yields A Lot Of Power

Representative Dave Greenspan, who was finishing out his term in December, said it was a lot of painstaking work done on behalf of sports betting. It’s quite possible that supporters will have to go back to the drawing board. Ohio voters know that there needs to be some way to make up or lost revenue due to the virus.

Greenspan said Ohio has been facing crisis issues long before the COVID-19 surfaced. They had been battling against the opiate addiction deaths that have plagued the country, but nowhere is it as bad as it is in Ohio.

Greenspan is hopeful that Obhof will think of the programs that could go under and do the right thing. If the arguments made during the upcoming lame-duck session are not successful, lawmakers would be forced to start from scratch and create a new sports betting bill. They would have to go about the process of finding support and sponsorship for the bill.

Despite The Setback, Most Favor Sports Betting

Many supporters of the sports betting bill are hopeful that they will be successful during the lame-duck sessions in November and December. Independent research studies were formed at the request of the Republican Governor Mike DeWine, who is a very vocal supporter of sports betting being legalized.

An argument that many other states make regarding legalizing sports betting is it’s going on in the black market. It’s time to take it out of the darkness and discuss it.

Dan Dodd, who is the Vice President of Government Relations for ZHF Consulting, weighed in on the issue on Thursday. Dodd said many employees who have contracted the virus are currently in quarantine, which could delay any movement with getting a clear path to getting sports betting passed in Ohio.

Dodd added, “It’s unknown how much Congress will be actually meeting. If it moves to next session, you are looking at starting all over again, which would be extremely unfortunate since there has been so much good work done already.”

Dodd is remaining positive and said, “Yes, there was a setback, but I’m confident that we will get new bills drafted and get them on the ballot in 2021.”