NFL Betting Strategy & Tips

The most popular sport in the world is football. Sports betting on the National Football League is big business and it runs from September to January. It occupies lots of time for the serious fans and passionate bettors for many weekends. The season gets long and then it continues with the playoffs for many more weeks until its conclusion at the Super Bowl.

What do you need to know to bet the NFL? It’s a long season to research and follows closely the injury reports for the teams of interest. Look at the rest and relaxation habits of the team following a bye week. Has the coach made any announcements about players being benched? Look into the contract of players. If they are playing on their last year does that make them more motivated? If it is their first year on a new contract or they complacent? Check the weather for game time interference. All and much more needs to be evaluated before a bet should be placed.

Looking to Bet

We got you covered. Again the research part of this equation cannot be lessened. The average length of a playing career is near five years and some see about ten seasons. Know the players. Sportsbooks use hard statistical data to have an understanding of the teams facing each other to make their lines for the game. The people the sportsbooks employ as handicappers are the best to be found. One fact that seems to get lost is the very best gamblers only reach about a 60% success rate. If you can’t reach almost 55% in winnings you likely are losing money.

Read the Lines

Here is what you are looking at when you go to the sportsbooks. You have the rotation number, then a point spread, followed by the money line and ending with the over/under which is also known as the totals number.

Know the Point Spread

The point spread will unveil to bettors who is the favorite when they place a minus sign in front of the spread. It gives the information as to how much the favorite team is to win by and this determines the pay off at the conclusion of the game.
If the team is an underdog (not expected to in) you will find a plus sign in front and how much they are expected to lose by. From this information, you can determine how much you win if the underdog comes through and wins. Tie bets are push, meaning the bettor wins his wager back but no additional money. Point spread odds written into the decimal places, such as 4.5, ensure that no push bets occur, requiring a team to either win or lose by 5 points.

Money Lines and Over/Under

In this type of bet, you very simply decide which teams will win and wager on it. If you bet the favorite you pay more and receive less on your wager. Winning the underdog is just the opposite.

When viewing the entries in the sportsbooks you will notice a number written in decimals such as 49.5. This means the two teams together will either go over that amount or under and with you bet you decide which way you believe it will go. The half points are usually there to avoid ties.

One last piece of advice is that it isn’t necessary for you to pay money to a tout (person selling his bets) in order to make money. They are usually expensive and you can likely be just as good as they are. Just shop around for the best lines.

Major Events to Bet on in the NFL