2020-21 Clearly Donruss Basketball Cards set is the second year the edition has been in circulation, and it’s similar to its debut with a checklist that puts a fun spin on the primary Donruss Basketball set that fans can collect.

While some of these cards feature autographs from some of the league’s best players, it’s far from the focus that these cards are supposed to bring to collectors. Instead, collectors will notice that the cards look and feel totally different with some cards having a transparent appearance. That unique finish gives the cards an ability to have new parallel takes and more unique patterns.


While the cards find their basic design from the earlier set of the 2020-21 Donruss and chromium Donruss Optic sets, the layout is the same and there is plenty of overlap in the players, the most noticeable difference is in how the card is presented to collectors. The cards are made out of a material called Acetate, which has a consistency of a plastic while still producing a hard, clear high-end finish on the cards.

The unique finish on the cards makes them look and feel like they are more collectable, and that’s something that all card fans tend to crave when buying a new set of cards. The cards feature an image of the player — most likely in a game — with a colorful background before switching to the clear, plastic-like finish on the borders.

Collectors will quickly notice that the Acetate finish allowed Donruss to produce more parallels in different color combinations. The Clearly Donruss collection features parallels in gold, purple, blue, red, green, holo silver, holo gold and holo platinum. The holo silver, holo gold and holo platinum finishes are designed to produce a reflective like finish, which helps light bounce off the card and prevents glare.

One of the most unique finishes that any of these cards feature is the holo mosaic, which according to the Panini — the manufacturer of the Clearly Donruss set — are extremely tough pulls. The holo mosaic finish has a background that bounces light across the card to give a finish that replicates that of its namesake, a mosaic.

Inserts and Autographs

While the focus of these Clearly Donruss cards isn’t the autographs, some cards do come with inserts and autographs. Most of the 2020-21 Clearly Donruss inserts a port over from the Donruss and Donruss Optic sets, which includes Dominant, My House, the Rookies, Star Gazing and Zero Gravity.

What these different inserts are designed to do is make the cards connect to the other sets so it appears that everything is being tied together through the different card sets.

One new feature in this set is the Clearly Reto Rated Rookie cards. These take the Rated Rookies from previous classes and give them the Acetate finish, which is designed to make the cards feel like a rookie card.

The autographs on these cards come from the Clearly Rated Rookie Autographs. Collectors will find that star rookies Anthony Edwards of the Minnesota Timberwolves and LaMelo Ball of the Charlotte Hornets are among the rookies who signed cards. While Warrior rookie James Wiseman experienced a disappointing rookie season, due to injuries he too has an autographed card in the set.

What to expect

Collectors will find that there are five cards per hobby pack. There are four packs per box and there are 12 boxers per case. There are 100 cards in each set and the release date is July 21.

In each hobby box fans will find one insert and three parallels.


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