Panini Encased Football: With the end of March getting closer by the day it is almost time for another loaded release of sports cards. Three new boxes are set to be released including Panini Encased Football, Topps Opening Day, and Topps Heritage.

These releases are filled with all-new card designs of some of the best players of all time with a mix of current and young rising stars. These packs offer collectors some of the rarest and best memorabilia or autograph cards and a host of different rookies.

Let’s dive into these new releases and find out information about what is enclosed and the release dates. Some of these releases offered more of a sneak preview than others, but the card designs look incredible.

Panini Encased Football

The NFL season might be a few months away, but that is not stopping Panini from releasing a ton of new football cards. This set will contain 141 cards per set.

Different card themes include the Sapphire that is numbered out of 25, Gold numbered out of 10, Emerald numbered out of 5 and Diamond numbered 1 out of 1. Autographed cards will not have many of the same cards.

Last year’s rookie class was filled with incredible young players releasing new autographed Rookie Endorsements numbered out of 75 and Rookie Notable Signatures numbered out of 50. The 2020 NFL Draft class is featured in this release a ton.

Panini is releasing Veteran and Hall of Fame signatures that can get as rare as Sapphire’s that are numbered out of 25, Gold’s numbered out of 10, Emerald’s numbered out of 5, and Diamond’s numbered 1 out of 1. Besides autographed cards, there are also a ton of memorabilia cards in this release. These cards are expected be released March 26, 2021.

Topps Opening Day

Opposite of the Topps Heritage release, the Topps Opening Day release gets fans excited for Opening Days with a loaded release of modern designed cards. This set has a combination of different card types including Mascot cards, Outstanding Opening Day cards, Autograph and Relic cards, and cards with a chance at memorabilia.

A hobby box is expected to contain a minimum of 36 card inserts. These cards even give you a chance of a card containing dirt from a stadium.

Autographed cards are expected to be very limited and hard to obtain. This release will contain 220 cards and will be available to the public on March 24, 2021.

Topps Heritage

When looking at the different card designs of the Topps Heritage set you are quick to notice that Topps went with a throwback design for these cards. Topps turned back the clock to the 1970s and released a retro card design for the different sets. A new edition to this set is the Chrome cards.

These cards offer a new look to the retro designs and Refractorsare numbered out of 572, Blackout of 72, hobby-only Gold out of 5 and there is a Superfractors card that is 1 of 1. One of the coolest releases in this box is the throwback look on the Autograph and Memorabilia cards.

There are Special Edition cards numbered out of 72 with a red signature and Dual cards numbered out of 25 and Triple cards out of 5. This card release is a tribute to the 1972 MLB season and features special edition cards for players from that year and these cards can be Autographed or contain memorabilia.

This set had 500 cards and included a box topper. The release date is scheduled for March 26, 2021, and it is expected that there will be one Autograph or Memorabilia card.

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