Online blackjack players are widespread among casinos for many reasons, but the biggest is that it’s one of the few games offered that’s not entirely based on luck. Now that online blackjack Canada casinos are legal, players throughout North America can make some money playing the popular game. However, the fact that you’ve chosen the casino game with the best odds of winning doesn’t guarantee you’ll come out ahead.

Before you try your hand at blackjack, you must understand basic strategy, which is the key to winning consistently. It’s even more critical when you play blackjack online. Card counting is also impossible unless you’re playing with a live dealer because the electronic deck is shuffled after every hand. That being said, let’s look at the most common mistakes players make at online blackjack.

Choose Tables With The Best Odds

You should always avoid tables that pay 6:5 odds for a blackjack. These are more common at land-based casinos, but many of these tables are now starting to appear online. The standard odds for a blackjack is 3:2, which means you increase the house edge by 1.4% when you play at a 6:5 table.

Never Play Side Bets Or Buy Insurance

With all the different variations of blackjack at online casinos, many will try to entice you to make a side bet to try and win more money. While the payouts may look appealing, this is a big mistake when playing online. The house always has a bigger advantage when you make any side bet, including buying insurance, which the house wouldn’t offer if the odds weren’t in the their favor.

Never Split 10s

If you’ve played blackjack before, you’ve probably seen people split tens when the dealer shows a six or lower, or maybe you’ve even done it yourself. While this strategy may be tempting, the dealer’s only chance to win is if they make 21. So the best approach is always to avoid splitting tens. It makes no sense to pass up a potentially winning hand for a chance to have two losing ones.

Always Hit on 16

Anyone that’s ever played blackjack in a live setting has seen players hesitate when they have a hard 16, not knowing whether or not to hit against the dealer when they’re showing a seven or higher. However, you should never stand on 16 when facing this situation.

Following basic strategy means you should always follow the math. Not only will you lose less money using this strategy, but you’ll also increase your chances of winning the hand by 4% if you don’t bust.

Online Blackjack Conclusion

While some luck is involved with blackjack, using basic strategy can significantly increase your chances of winning. The house edge for blackjack is 2%, which means there should be many more people winning than actually do. Avoiding these common mistakes can help you maximize your winnings and leave the table with a great experience and maybe even some extra cash in your pocket.