UFC 258 Recap: After a big card last month, The UFC decided to put the undefeated welterweight champion in the main event for UFC 258. They planned for an exciting fight against his talented teammate and they delivered.

The power and energy in the fight was incredible but that wasn’t the only good fight of the night. Even though UFC 258 was missing big names it delivered some incredible bouts. Let’s take a look at some of the best fights of the night starting with the main event.

Usman vs. Burns

On Saturday night February 13th Kamaru Usman (18-1) took on his teammate Gilbert Burns (19-4) in the Octagon. At the beginning of the fight Usman was struggling, taking a strong right hand from Burns that knocked him down.

At the end of the first round you could clearly see that Burns had won those first minutes in the octagon. It wasn’t long until we saw Usman take control of the fight in round two.

Usman was being very patient and waited for the right times to counter with a hard jab that would daze burns several times. Round three Usman kept control of the fight utilizing his jab and even switching to a southpaw stance putting burns in a position where he couldn’t win.

After winning this fight Usman remains undefeated in the UFC and now people are wondering who else can take on great Usman.

In his post fight interview Usman had some words for Jorge Masvidal who he already beat this past July when Masvidal took the place of Burns after he had to miss the fight due to Covid-19.

Usman said if he and Masvidal meet again that he will finish him.

Barber vs. Grasso

In the women’s flyweight fight Maycee Barber (8-2) took on Alex Grasso (13-3). The two ladies were trading blows in the first round, with Grasso landing a powerful shot under the left eye of Barber.

In the second round Barber took a hard shot again but she was able to land some nice shots on Grasso. Despite taking some punches Grasso was able to use her ground game and grappling to end the round with a choke.

In round three Barber came out aggressive but was quickly pinned against the cage by Grasso. This is when Barber knew she had to start landing some punches and began to throw a number of shots from all different angles.

In the end Grasso did enough in the first two rounds to earn herself the win over No. 10-ranked Barber. This is Grasso’s biggest win and she made a statement for herself in the women’s flyweight division.

Simon vs. Kelleher

Featherweights Ricky Simon (18-3) and Brian Kelleher (22-12) went head on in the octagon resulting in a loss for Kelleher. As soon as the fight started Simon took control and gave Kelleher a nice gash above his right eye early in the round.

Kelleher was able to land some leg kicks but besides that Simon was the dominating factor in this fight. Kelleher who is also a middle school wrestling coach earned his third win in a row and broke into the top 15 of the featherweight division.

Pitolo vs. Marquez

Lastly is the middleweight bout between Maki Pitolo (13-8) and Julian Marquez (8-2). The fight was back and forth involving all types of MMA. Pitolo went punching to grappling in the first two rounds which caused issues for Marquez.

Pitolo was able to avoid many powerful punches from Marquez but that would eventually change when Pitolo took a right hand from Marquez in the third round. This led a sequence of shots and then Marquez ended the fight in the last minute of the round with a choke.

This was Pitolos third loss in a row and his fourth loss out of his past five fights. As for Marquez he won his first fight since 2017 so it was a big win proving he can still fight.

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