Sometimes life comes at you fast. On May 2nd 2015, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather walked into the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas to compete in the “Fight of the Century”. Pacquiao was scheduled to make over 120 million dollars for a 36 minute majority decision loss to Mayweather.

The spectacle was such a big deal that the McCarron Airport in Las Vegas had to shut down its private jet section due to all the traffic. So big that rival networks HBO & Showtime found a way to work together and co-produce the fight. The fight produced over 4.6 million buys with a selling price of $100 for HD PayPerView orders. A total financial success for everybody involved.

Fast-forward two years, this past Saturday Manny Pacquiao found himself in Australia in the “Battle of Brisbane” against a fighter named Jeff Horn. Yes, that Jeff Horn, the one you have never heard of unless you are a resident and loyal fight fan of Brisbane, Australia. HBO & Showtime banners were no were to be found. What was the Pay Per View price? $0…Yes, $0, the fight was broadcasted by ESPN on free T.V.

The only similarity for Pacquiao from that night against Mayweather was that after 36 minutes, he again had lost a majority decision. Now, to be fair nobody in boxing world besides Jeff Horn, his family & friends and the 3 judges that night thought that Horn won the fight. Pacquiao did not look his best but clearly did enough to win but I’m sure he was clearly thinking afterwards “What the hell am I
doing in Australia”.

Mayweather, on the other hand will not being fighting on the other side of the country on TNT, TBS, ESPN or any other free network. On August 26, 2017, on Showtime PayPerView, Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to make another reported $100 million dollar pay day against UFC champion Conor McGregor, yes that Conor with his profession boxing record of 0-0! While Pacquiao was in a 36 minute all out fight last week, Mayweather will most likely be involved in a glorified sparring session at the new T-Mobile arena in Las Vegas, where even poor Ice Cube got run over by the Mayweather train.

Ice Cube had the arena already booked on this night to host the finale of his 3 on 3 basketball tournament, he will still have a good day but he will have to have it in another building.

Mayweather defeated Andre Berto on 9/12/15 to improve his record to 49-0; nobody believed that he would retire before going for 50-0. The accomplishment and the genius of Mayweather is his ability to get another major payday with minimal risk.

Conor is a great fighter and will no doubt come to fight and bring a country of fans & Mayweather haters behind him, but the odds of him pulling off one of the biggest upsets in sports history is very slim. The press conferences and build up to the fight will be entertaining and great material for our Twitter hot takes and our GIF’s, but once they step in the ring it will be another Mayweather showcase.

Once the fight is over, many fans will again be upset about paying for another Mayweather “boring” fight. Let’s not blame Mayweather for this, he has created the perfect blue print to bring us into the circus tent, have us pay our ticket, buy our popcorn and sit to watch the same show over and over again. He will walk out the ring with his big smile, his undefeated record and another very big check. Conor will walk out with his own big check and right back into the waiting arms of the UFC and back to throwing kicks and talking trash. Pacquiao, well he will be somewhere wondering again “What the hell happened in Australia”.

This guest blog came from Adrian Correa who you can follow at @Correa176 — Interested in guest blogging for Knup Sports? Email [email protected] for more information.