The COD League stage 3 Major is here, we are embarking on possibly the final major that will be played in the online format. We have some potential matches that could really shape up the final day depending on teams that can put a few matches together in a row. Let’s discuss the bracket and make predictions for the major.

COD League Stage 3 – Winner’s Bracket

For the first time we have a new number one seed with Toronto Ultra taking the spot. New York Subliners will start this weekend as the second seed. There are really no differences between the two spots, as both will receive a bye in the first round and play the winner between a number two and number three seed.

In the first round of winner’s bracket matches we will see Atlanta Faze, two seed from Group B, take on Dallas Empire, three seed from Group A. This is one of the best first round matches we have gotten in the two months of the league. This is two top teams playing, and one of them will have to make a loser’s bracket run to find their way back into the grand finals.

The other first round winner’s bracket match up will see Florida Mutineers, the two seed from Group A, take on the Los Angeles Thieves, the three seed from Group B. This will be the first time for the Florida Mutineers to start in the winner’s bracket and it will be exciting to see if they can make any type of run for them. They will be tested early however, with the newly formed Los Angeles Thieves starting roster. Huke has the potential to be a superstar, being able to put that on display this weekend could make for huge strides for the Los Angeles Thieves roster.

COD League Stage 3 – Loser’s Bracket

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The loser’s bracket matches will see the fourth seeds from both groups, Minnesota from Group A and Optic Chicago from Group B, get byes for the first round. While it will be nice to have a first round bye, the loser’s bracket start still runs the risk of being one and done. Any match losses will cause the end of their major run.

In the first round of loser’s we will see the Los Angeles Guerrillas, the five seed from group A, take on the Seattle Surge, the six seed from Group B. The Guerrillas have been one of the most questionable teams all season. They have struggled to show any consistency here in COD League stage 3 after starting the league in the winner’s bracket.

The second match of the first round of the loser’s bracket will see the London Royal Ravens, the five seed from Group B, taking on Paris Legion, the six seed from Group A. This is the battle of the two European programs battling it out. While the rosters are not filled with European pro players, there is obviously an instant rivalry when these two teams match up against each other.

COD League Stage 3 – Predictions

The first round of the winner’s bracket has two great matchups. Mutineers are more than likely the least viewed or followed team of the four, but they have been making serious strides to become a competitive group. The Faze vs. Empire match has the potential to be the most viewed match of the weekend and it will be a day one matchup Thursday evening.

The New York Subliners will have lots of eyes on them as well. After a poor showing in the stage 2 major, going 0-2 and being eliminated very quickly, they have a chance to redeem themselves. They have been playing some of the best Call of Duty of the season, and the roster is finally clicking the way it should.

The only loser’s bracket team that I could see possibly making any run is Optic Chicago. They have one of the best rosters from top to bottom and have the experience necessary to grind out wins. It is a tough task having to win five or six matches without dropping one, but this roster is the one that could do it.

My overall prediction is that Atlanta Faze will come out on top. The way they played in their final league match against Optic was one where they were untouchable. They seemed to win every big gunfight and worked together through the search and destroy map trading kills when needed. This team is built for championships and I do not see that changing this weekend.

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