In this article I will be exploring the Detroit Lions and Los Angeles Rams blockbuster trade that shook the NFL early this year. Who really won this trade and what could be some long term effects of this move?

Is this trade alone enough to make the Lions a true championship contender? I have my opinions but let’s look at the facts.

Detroit Lions Benefits/Setbacks

For the Lions this trade may have seemed like a no-brainer. They received two first round picks, a third round pick, and a replacement QB in Jared Goff. While that is quite a load for one player, the Lions took on a massive contract with Goff.

Goff signed a 4-year $134 million dollar extension back in 2019, and once he was traded to the Lions he converted $20 million of his salary into a signing bonus. This, however, still leaves Goff with around a $30 million dollar cap hit every year.

Now a lot of people wouldn’t mind paying this to a franchise QB but therein lies the problem. Is he the new long term face of the Lions? I believe that he very well could be their long term solution.

Especially if they utilize their newfound draft picks well. That will be their best solution, build around Goff, build through the draft. They have a few young stars on both sides of the ball to complement this rebuild but I fear it will always come down to contract size with Goff versus his production.

Production has proven to be the setback so far with Goff not playing up to his potential, this could be caused by his new environment and coaching style, however.

Despite all this I firmly believe that if they stick with Goff on a team friendly contract, and they can use their draft picks well and have a fairly young team, this team can go far. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle but in the end I would say the Lions got a pretty hefty deal with this trade.

Los Angeles Rams Benefits/Setbacks

It’s no secret that the Rams have built a super team. They have star power to spare and an amazing coaching staff.

By making this trade, I feel they’ve put all their chips down and want a championship right now. Gaining a star like Matthew Stafford has only increased their drive and their resolve, but what underlying issues may have come with him?

With this trade the Rams took on Stafford’s remaining 2 year $34 million contract while still paying Goff $22.2 million for the 2021 season. They also shipped two first round picks and a third round pick to the Lions. Stafford will likely demand a large salary when his current contract expires, but so will the other superstars on this team.

This really puts pressure on Sean Mcvay and company to deliver sooner rather than later. They can hold this team for a finite amount of time before the franchise is recycled back into rebuilding mode.

Sure, a lot of this can be pushed back with team friendly contracts and some clever trading come draft time, I feel this franchise is more of a time bomb than a superteam. Due to the trade haul shipped to the Lions and the balancing act of all these super stars I fully believe that the Lions won this trade out right.


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