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Another Epic Promo by Maxwell Jacob Friedman

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Like him or not, MJF is great on the microphone. His latest tirade is one for the ages, and will go down in promo history.

One thing you can say about Maxwell Jacob Friedman is his promos are epic. On AEW Dynamite on Wednesday night, he delivered a promo that once again blurred the lines between what’s real and what’s not, and left everyone wondering is there real heat between him and Bryan Danielson as they get ready for their one-hour iron man match March 5 at Revolution.

After telling Danielson, “I know who you really are and who I am,” MJF began his tirade by saying his fiancee has left him. He said he changed his outlook on life, and convinced him that not everyone was bad. But like everyone else in his life who he loved, she left him because he was unlovable. That left him with only one thing in his life that gave him unconditional love, the AEW (Triple B) title, and Danielson was trying to take that from him.

The title, MJF said during his promo, is all that’s standing between him and “taking a fistful of pills and calling it a day.”

Family man

MJF said what hurt him the most about the breakup was he wouldn’t be able to start a family. Then he went after Danielson, saying he hated him because he had a “beautiful, smart, adoring wife,” and two great kids, but he puts wrestling ahead of them even though he’s had more concussions than anyone in the business, one leaving him “foaming from the mouth, having seizes.” That makes him no better — or perhaps worse — than Danielson’s “drug addicted mentor William Regal.”

MJF then addresses Danielson’s children by name, saying what Uncle Max is going to make their father pay for his selfishness. He said he was going to rip dada’s arm out of its socket so he could never play with them again and hit him so many times in the head that it would cause “early onset CTE.” That incensed Danielson, who attacked MJF in the ring until security pulled them apart.

Danielson was Great, too.

That was epic. Danielson stood in the ring listening to all that, then finally went after MJF after MJF walked up the ramp and into the ring. Scripted or not, Danielson did his part, calmly listening to MJF until he couldn’t take it anymore.

This was the second time in recent weeks that an MJM promo has created controversy. He said earlier that he caused a car accident when he was in high school, but said he didn’t do it so he wouldn’t lose his driver’s license and blamed his girlfriend for the accident. That turned out to be stretching the truth, as it turned out, but his story about his fiancee Naomi Rosenblum leaving him may be true. Each has removed each other from their social media accounts. Or is that part of the story?

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