For more than 70 years, there has only been one professional wrestling that has stood the test of time. That is WWE. Famous for its wild storylines and unpredictable matches, the WWE is one of the Premier companies in all of American entertainment. That is until All Elite Wrestling entered the scene.

For years, fans, including myself, had been clamoring for an alternative to the same old steel product that fans have been receiving on WWE‘s end for the better part of a decade since the late 90s. All Elite Wrestling has satisfied the fans craving for more real-life-based storylines, and, real drama and tension.

Having a TV 14 rating also helps as well. Giving the company more of an adult feel is exactly what fans have been wanting from their professional wrestling content for years on end. It is often compared to WWE in the sense that what WWE does is for children, and what All Elite Wrestling does is for adults.

From having people intentionally cut themselves on television and profusely bleed for entertainment to having occasional adult words mixed in. In my opinion, it helps elevate the product and helps get individuals more interested in the product by using those specifics to cater to the market.

What makes All Elite Wrestling interesting to me is their reality-based storylines, from having a real-life couple in Britt Baker and Austin Jenkins, known as Adam Cole, to fans hearing Saraya Knight ( known as just Saraya on the show) choked up at the fact that she is finally cleared to wrestle after years of having to be cautious whenever she stepped into a ring due to a neck injury. This is the stuff fans crave.

I hate to sound like a broken record, but there’s no other way to put it. Fans don’t want to hear how so-and-so helped defeat so-and-so by having his television girlfriend distract him by putting on her makeup or giving him a kiss on the lips. Fans want the violence, blood, and gore that professional wrestling is known for, and with AEW, fans have all that plus more.

In my opinion, having watched WWE for most of my life and childhood, it is finally refreshing to have an alternative that we can turn into when we don’t want to see the same old storyline. I wasn’t born when WCW was around. This, to me, is my WCW. I have seen clips of it, however, on YouTube and different platforms.

The energy with AEW just feels different. I don’t know if it’s because of the advent of social media now, with everything being more engaged and all that helps a company, or if it’s just how wrestling should be. If you ask me, though, while that is a nice diversion, I prefer real sports over knowing who is going to win a match.

That, to me, is truly a feeling like no other. While wrestling is, in essence, a soap opera with physicality involved. The escape it provides to kids and adults alike is second to none. In a way, it’s kind of like watching real-life superheroes soar to new heights.

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