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Two Wrestlers, Two Young Fans, One Class Act and One Classless Act

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Liv Morgan and MJF had interactions with young fans this past weekend. Only one handled it well.

Two wrestlers’ interactions last weekend with fans are making news. Both, thankfully, had a happy ending.

Last Friday on WWE SmackDown in Washington, D.C., Liv Morgan took on Rhea Ripley. Morgan asked for the match against the Royal Rumble winner, who will face SmackDown women’s champion Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 39. Ripley, of course, had Dominik Mysterio in her corner just in case she needed any help.

The match didn’t turn out well for Morgan, who tapped out to a modified cloverleaf. Ripley trash-talked during the entire match, like any good heel. And while beating up Morgan, she told Flair to watch what she was doing.

Tears to smiles

In the crowd, a young girl was in tears because her favorite wrestler had lost. The girl was caught on camera for the entire WWE universe to see. Somehow the word about this distraught fan returned to Morgan, who invited the girl backstage. In a WWF Twitter post with a video, the girl is seen running up to Morgan, and the two embraced and spun around several times, with the girl smiling from ear to ear.

After the spinning stopped, Morgan said to the girl, “You are so cute. Are you happy? I couldn’t leave you out there like that because you were so sad.”

When she found out the girl would turn ten soon, Morgan told the girl she would make sure she was still wrestling in eight years so they could be tag team champions.

Thrown drink

It was a class act all the way. Now let’s talk classless. MJF took a woman’s drink Sunday and threw it at her young son during his 60 Minute Iron Man match against Brian Danielson for the AEW championship at AEW Revolution in San Francisco.

It apparently was not a work (part of the match), so that crossed the line of decency. You don’t involve a young boy in heel antics. During the media scrum after the match, MJF said the boy “looked thirsty.”

AEW officials sprang into action after seeing the incident, allowing the boy backstage, where he met his favorite wrestlers, including Powerhouse Hobbs.

Khan’s comments

Here’s what AEW president Tony Khan said during the media scrum: “We had a conversation before we came up here, we had a serious conversation, and I mean that. It’s not to be taken lightly. The young man, Titus, was a real pro about it, and we’ll see Titus here again in AEW.

I believe Titus is actually coming to Sacramento (for the next AEW show). I was just with him, and he was a real champ about it. The champion didn’t act like a champion there, but I think Titus was great.”

MJF won the match, which went into overtime when Danielson tapped out when he was put in his finisher, the Lebell Lock. That should be what everyone is talking about. But it’s not thanks to MJF’s classless act.


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