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This Week Brings More WWE Betting Opportunities

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Check out these WWE betting odds, and find out how to bet on your favorite wrestler here.

Every week brings more WWE events, and with that comes more ways for sports bettors to put money down on their favorite wrestlers. This week, quite a few different events are happening, and bettors can wager on many of them. WWE hosts events that are great for those who want to bet on the unpredictable, as you never know what will happen during these fights.

This week, some very exciting showdowns are expected to occur. Many of these will take place at WWE Raw, which premiers every Monday. If Monday’s fight seems too soon for you, there are many other events in the future that you can put your money on now. To be confident in your betting picks, check out these WWE betting futures.


On Monday, viewers from all over the world can put their money on the Logan Paul vs The Miz fight. Logan Paul has been taunting the Miz for quite some time, and it’ll be interesting to see what he’ll pull off in the ring. If Logan Paul can win this fight, it might just prove that his fighting career should be taken seriously.

There are a few different options for betting on this fight. The first is over the question of whether or not Logan Paul will “perform the ‘skull crushing finale’ on The Miz”. With odds 11-4, the odds are in favor of “yes”. If Logan Paul does so, it will most likely be to get back at The Miz for his use of the same move at Wrestlemania 38, which has caused Paul to ask for this fight in the first place.

The next option for betting on WWE Raw is whether or not Jake Paul will actually end up wrestling on Monday. Again, the odds are in favor of “yes” at 21-10. Jake Paul has been asking to fight The Miz for quite a while now, so it can be expected that he’ll show up ready on Monday. However, as all WWE watchers know, anything can happen.

Future WWE Betting Events

WWE Raw is happening on Monday, but there are quite a few future events and questions that WWE fans can place early bets on now. These include Wrestlemania 39, WWE Royal Rumble 2023, and WWE NXT.

WWE enthusiasts can put their judging skills to the test and bet on who the next WWE champion will be after Roman Reigns. There are some great fighters to bet on, including Brock Lesnar, Drew McIntire, and Cody Rhodes. Brock Lesnar is expected to be the next champion with odds 1-1, and Drew McIntire and Cody Rhodes are tied for next on the list with odds 9-2.

Also on the betting list is WWE NXT. Bettors can place money on the UK Tag Team Championship and the Jordan Devlin vs Cameron Grimes fight. For the Tag Team Championship, Brooks Jensen and Josh Briggs are expected to take home a victory with odds 1-2. For the Devlin vs Grimes match, Devlin is expected to win with odds 10-17.

Writer’s Pick

I’m not the greatest Logan Paul fan of all time, but I do think that he has the guts to take on The Miz tomorrow, and I think he’ll finish him off with the so-called “Skull Crusher Finale”.

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