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XFL Development – From 2001 to Now

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The XFL has changed since its conception in 2001. Tommy Burch takes a look back at the league and what has been altered.

The XFL is a professional American football league that was founded in 2001. The XFL was created by the WWE, which is an entertainment company.

The XFL was created to compete with the NFL and other professional leagues. It started out as a small regional league but quickly grew into a national network of teams.

The original founders of the XFL were Vince McMahon, Linda McMahon, and Dick Ebersol. They all had different roles in creating the new league but they all had one goal in mind: to create another successful professional football league after their success with the WWE.

The players in the XFL were paid a salary that ranged from $10,000 to $50,000 per game depending on their role in the team’s offense and defense. Each player also received bonuses based on how well they performed during games as well as how many yards they gained during those games.

2020 Return

The XFL made its return in 2020, with new ownership and new goals in mind. They wanted a more professional setting, and that is what they got. Many XFL players from 2020 ended up in the NFL, finding some success.

One of the best stories is that of P.J. Walker, a Panthers quarterback that was the XFL MVP. He found his way into some games and found moderate success. Walker, along with many others, may end up being on NFL rosters for many years.

Run it Back in 2023

2023 is when everything changes. There is an incredible amount of elite talent in the new league, with over 250 players having spent time on NFL rosters. There are some very notable names in the league this season, like AJ McCarron and Ben DiNucci.

However, what makes this year so different is the new ownership. Dwayne Johnson bought the XFL from Vince McMahon and the WWE. He not only encouraged more accomplished players to join, but started experimenting with new technology.

The base salary for XFL players is $59,000, with an extra $1k per win and $5k per game played. What makes the XFL even better is that they pay for multiple different forms of health insurance along with housing and food. No other league can compare, and the XFL reigns supreme.

What really puts the XFL above and beyond is their flexibility. With 8 teams and games every week once the Super Bowl ends, they fill an open gap left by the NFL. Spring football is the perfect way to de-escalate from such an elite event, and makes the transition to the off-season seamless.

The progression of the league since 2001 has been rocky. Playing in 1 season and not reappearing for 19 years should void all possibility of a return, yet somehow they do. After another hiatus sparked by Covid, they return in 2023 with more hype than ever. If they can live up to the hype and draw in a crowd, we may see even more XFL in the near future.

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